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Fall in Love with Reading

An adorable little paper bookmark I found at my local library. ❤


A Book Blessing

  • “Bless these hands as they pen the words to paper,
  • May the inks flow easily, and legibly.
  • Bring guidance to those who respect this tome,
  • For what it is, for what it will become,
  • And, may those who don’t, have the misfortune,
  • to never truly understand the truths within.”

Ask on Tumblr: WereWolves?

nekogamisenpai98 asked:

Hey!!!Thanks for the follow,I really appreciate it.Your Tumblr is about witch/Wiccan stuff right?Got anything/any info pertaining to Werewolves,Were animals in general,or animal shifting?I’m trying to become a werewolf,but so far with no luck.(My goal is to become either a werewolf,a werecat,or a weredragon.Or an awesome combo of all three)

Life in General

A Little Glimpse

Got this little incense pack and burner for $4.99 at my local Stuff Mart / Wally World (Walmart) the other day.  It also came with a nifty little wooden box / holder with a glass inlaid lid.  I’ve been using the incense as offerings for my spirit companions. ❤ Also, my hubby has been nice enough to let me use his laptop until I can get one of my own again.


A Way to use Powder Incense

As an alternative to burning it over smoldering charcoal – this is what I use, ( for times when I don’t have an cauldron or another incense holder that is safe for that sort). Instead of burning the incense, I fill a small saucepan with water, boil the water until steaming,  and then place a teaspoon or two of the powder incense into the water and stir. Then I let it continue to steam on the heat for a few minutes, and let the incense scent rise with the steam. When the water boils or begins to, turn off your stove.

*NOTE: You can let let it sit on the hot burner and steam up till it cools. Also, the liquid mix afterwards can then be placed in jars, or a small bowl or cup, and used as an offering on your altar or elsewhere. (Just dispose of it after a few days )

SIDE NOTE: You can also seal the bottle/jar with wax, to make it a longer lasting offering –  or make spell jars this way with the water/incense.


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