To You

I won’t start out with thank you, as I’ve thanked you many times.
I won’t start out with I love you, though you know I do in every way.
Instead, I want you to know I am happy for your patience, for your time you spend with me.
I am happy for your smiles, and the tears you’ve shed at my side.
I’m at peace in your arms, as you snuggle close at night, and I’m eagerly awaiting your return at each night.
As you work for both our futures, and you work to earn our meals,
I am wondering and amazed at all your perseverance, and your dedication to our goals.
I am blessed by all your kindness, and I am alive because of you.
While we struggle at times as any couple does, we get through it together, because you work with me in kind,
and we make ourselves both stronger, then we thought we ever would.
I am able to be careful, to be relieved, and to be glad, because meeting you and keeping you, is the best thing I’ve ever had.



In the chest of us all lies the glow of light or darkness
Here lies the fire of each man’s heart
Here is the fire that burns brightly
And not always quietly
It will go out in a blink of an eye
Yet holds strong against the wind for most
For some it is taken even before birth
But it was always there when they first appear into being
For some it is nurture
For others torture
But it is always there, always glowin
Darkness tries to put it out
Yet one always stays lightened
It is as God
It is and was
And is to come
It has always been
And will always be
Just as light And darkness.