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Fall in Love with Reading

An adorable little paper bookmark I found at my local library. ❤


A Book Blessing

  • “Bless these hands as they pen the words to paper,
  • May the inks flow easily, and legibly.
  • Bring guidance to those who respect this tome,
  • For what it is, for what it will become,
  • And, may those who don’t, have the misfortune,
  • to never truly understand the truths within.”
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About the Witch

Welcome to my blog, dear visitor. Please excuse the dust, as it’s currently being worked on and cleaned up around here. I’ve added a domain to go along with the blog’s title and I’m working on getting started around this place.

I want to introduce myself and tell you what this little site will be about for a moment.

My name is Ciera and I’m a witch from Ohio. (That is in the USA, for those not familiar with the States.) I’m looking to share a bit of my thoughts, drawings, and witchcraft related tidbits with the world through this blog. It’s going to be an open space for anyone to feel free to express themselves, provided you keep it reasonable and keep your hatred out of my space.

You, as a follower or a visitor, can free to submit (as a guest) suggestions about things you’d like to hear about related to the theme of the blog itself. You may also, at any time, ask if you have any questions or comments you’d like me to respond to. What you can expect is honest, practical applications towards witchcraft and life in general, some attempts at humor or seriousness from time to time, and, overall, genuine experiences as well as effort.

Please do keep in mind that I am not claiming to be anything other then what I have been all of my life. I am a witch and I am human. These are my real thoughts, feelings, and life. This is my real experiences with the path I have been on and am currently in. I would appreciate if you would respect that.


Ask on Tumblr: WereWolves?

nekogamisenpai98 asked:

Hey!!!Thanks for the follow,I really appreciate it.Your Tumblr is about witch/Wiccan stuff right?Got anything/any info pertaining to Werewolves,Were animals in general,or animal shifting?I’m trying to become a werewolf,but so far with no luck.(My goal is to become either a werewolf,a werecat,or a weredragon.Or an awesome combo of all three)

Life in General

A Little Glimpse

Got this little incense pack and burner for $4.99 at my local Stuff Mart / Wally World (Walmart) the other day.  It also came with a nifty little wooden box / holder with a glass inlaid lid.  I’ve been using the incense as offerings for my spirit companions. ❤ Also, my hubby has been nice enough to let me use his laptop until I can get one of my own again.

Full Metal Alchemist

FMA: Choices

This is a work of fiction and was done purely for fun, not profit.

Full Metal Alchemist is an anime / manga and belongs to: Hiromi Arakawa

This fan fiction , how ever, belongs to me.

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