Our Struggles


Let me tell ya’ll a story.

For those who don’t know – this washer sums up so many things about our struggles as well as accomplishments and here’s why.

First, a summary:

We (As in my fiance and I) had been dating online/long distance for nearly a little over 6 and half years, when we finally managed to get together in person and move into an apartment together. [January 28, 2017] A bit of history: That tiny apartment was really gross and crap, and a few days later we moved into a bigger one. That one was a three bedroom (Horror space – but we’ll get to why in a bit ) apartment.

Although we managed to move into it on February 1st, 2017, so many struggles happened. We had to pay more then we initially were quoted for rent – which was instead of $550 – we had to pay $650, and I was receiving the only income at the time with SSI. – which came to exactly$735 at the time per month. Count in the monthly internet bill of $70 for COMCAST – and our struggles got even worse. Not to mention – foodstamps only gave $130 a month at the time for both of us to start with.. We had NO furniture of our own, no dishes other then a couple bowls and silverware, and two cups, along with my skillet from the old place. On top of that – we had moved in with LITERALLY only clothes we owned. which wasn’t much.

Fast forward – we slowly accumulated a few things. But then it got harder because the furniture they gave us including beds and couches, had bed bugs. Hence why the place became a horror because the landlord (who shall remain unnamed, ugh) literally refused to get rid of them and would only give us rubbing alcohol that we had to spray ourselves. Let me tell you folks firsthand, rubbing alcohol does kill the ones you can find – but only what you can see. (ie. NOT EFFECTIVE AT ALL WITH GETTING RID OF THEM. )

We were stuck with this for months, but we tried to make the best of it. Even managed to buy the portable washer you see above, BECAUSE the landlord refused to fix anything, and we also had a washer and dryer, but the washer he gave us stopped working and he never did fix the damn thing. The dryer at least worked, but we still needed a way to wash clothes. and Hand washing was good but very tiring, in order to get them properly clean.

Fast forward again, I got sick in January [2018], around the 18th. Actually, I was deathly sick by that point, but I had been sporadically sick the entirety of being there and before in the crapped tiny one. I ended up admitted to the local hospital and then transferred to a more equipped one for my health needs in another somewhat nearby state. (It’s driveable distance, like 45 minutes to an hour from where we lived, but neither of us drive so transportation became an issue). I ended up having multiple surgeries because of the health issues. Then, after a couple weeks there, was sent to a recovery center back in Ohio.

During my stay at the hospital out of state, a lot of shit went down with the guardianship and my mother/family, and long story short, we lost the 3 bedroom apartment when my lease was up for renewal due to lack of payment by my Payee. [ie: For those who don’t know when you are in a guardianship you are considered legally incompetent and they remove a lot of your rights – including but not limited to requiring to get a payee and they handle distributing your Social Security checks and are responsible for making your bills get paid with it, then divide up what’s left after bills into personal checks, that you received once a week.)

My guardian essentially had us surrender everything we once owned and had gotten so far – including personal items, to the landlord. Also because of the lease expiring by February 1st , 2018, my fiance was forced to go back to his home state and live with family at that time. We lost contact during my weeks in the hospital and I didn’t even know he had left or about losing the apartment until nearly a week after getting into the recovery center, when I got my cell phone and laptop returned to me.

(SIDE CUP A MOMENT – Just to share our story)  – My fiance and I stayed in contact – once I was able to a way to contact him again, at the recovery center when it was returned. Thankfully, I was able to explain what had happened on my end, and he filled me in on the rest from his end, and we managed to stick together.

Fast forward: I recovered from the pains of surgery and got healthy, then my guardian decided to admit me to a group home – on July 1st, 2018.

My fiance made the difficult decision to come back to town the day of my release, despite that with limited funds and all, he would also now technically be homeless.  He came on a greyhound bus, then took a taxi to close near where I was in the group home. When he arrived, we were reunited, and we spent the night together in a hotel. (Just to make sure he’d somewhere safe that night to rest, and also so we could talk and catch up on things together)

The following morning, we ended up searching for a shelter for him to stay at, when we ran into our old neighbor, (who shall remain nameless), who at the time, offered for him to stay with him, and give us a place close to the group home to meet up with during the day before I ended up back there at night.

SIDE NOTE: I got in trouble with the guardian as well as the group home for the night in the hotel – despite telling the staff what I was going to do and where I’d be, as well as having my phone with me so they could contact me and remaining in town. I also was never missing for longer then 10-14 hours, as it wasn’t until 6pm that i left the group home and i was back to the group home for medicine by 6:30 am that following morning. Although the guardian said she reported me as a missing person – we never had it verified by any police, and we also – notified her of where i would be via text. Not to mention , a policeman (who recognized me, and was on patrol ) even had greeted us that morning on my way to the group home, and never said a word about it.

Side NOTE #2: I was informed by the group home that morning that curfew was at 9:30pm and I could leave only at 7am from then on.

SIDE NOTE #3: While at the group home –  they did provide three meals a day, but only if you were home and if you missed the meal times – you would not be fed. and the meals only lasted a half hour. Naturally, I rarely made the meal times – what with having appointments and also trying to help my fiance get re-established with things in town, and wanting to spend time with him as well.

That brings me to my new problems: meals. Due to the group home’s ridiculous set up – as well as having only a bedroom to yourself, no kitchen access, and not being allowed to store anything in the kitchen unless you wanted everyone to have access to it or it be locked at night , then yeah… – no. I never made it in time for meals, except maybe the night snack, but even then I didn’t always get anything. and the only thing we were allowed to take to our rooms was water from a disgusting water jug that sits out all day, and has no ice. IN CUPS THAT EVERYONE SHARES AND WE HAD NO WAY TO WASH EITHER. NO thank you!!!

Thankfully, my fiance kept us both fed, with his funds, and funds from his family that they sent via Western union to help us with that. He kept us both fed throughout the entire month of July. Every single day. Not to mention – he also got hired in mid-july around the 14th at Kroger. (A local grocery store). So then he started doing night stock after a short orientation period of two days.

Then around that same time – the group home decided to kick me out – at MIDNIGHT – and force me to be out that night – and didn’t even let me have my medicine to take with me – nor any of my personal effects or clothes.

I managed to stay the night with the old neighbor and the fiance ,  at the neighbor’s apartment – until the following morning at 6 am when the group home told me i could come back there to get my things that next day. I took what i could carry at the time, which was mostly my personal effects, and notebooks and maybe two grocery bags worth of clothes. I was forced to leave everything else behind. and sign that over to them. I was also then banned for life from the group home after being kicked out.

Ya’ll already know from my previous posts about our experiences with the neighbor, but we did eventually on August 1st, 2018 managed to move into our current apartment together and get our old washer back of my mother. In the end its been a long hard journey but we’re glad to have to it better this time around.

From us both,

Ciera  @cherrywitchery  & Alden @shadowmooncat


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